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Serious Sam 3: BFE is a magnificent return to the golden age of shooters with a first-person view, when men were men, shelters were for cowards, and pulling the trigger was accompanied by huge explosions. As a prequel to the original indie sensation Serious Sam: The First Encounter, the events in Serious Sam 3 occur during the last battle for Earth against legions of alien beasts and mercenaries of Mental. Against the backdrop of the crumbling temples of ancient civilization and the crumbling cities of Egypt in the 22nd century, Serious Sam 3 combines a classic non-stop shooter and features of modern gameplay.
28.01.2019 16:57:45
Все отлично!
26.01.2019 12:50:02
всё отлично! спасибо
25.01.2019 23:08:08
29.09.2018 20:38:57
спасибо, все хорошо быстро пришло
29.09.2018 19:15:52
спасибо всё супер !!!!
24.09.2018 21:44:24
Благодарю. Всё получил. Рекомендую!
24.09.2018 19:08:39
Гифт принял. Хочу подарок. (#2)
24.09.2018 19:07:41
Гифт принял. Хочу подарок.
09.09.2018 19:43:31
Гифт получил, спасибо
05.09.2018 23:24:11
Сразу все пришло спс!

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