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Book domestic writer and popularizer of science Victor Pekelis represents stories of various scientific discoveries and inventions, walks of life scientists about their creative quest. Edition 1975
File format Word. Excerpt: "... It was a huge project. In the age of steam when electrical infancy when an electrical relay and one could not hear - it was created only a year later, in 1835 - Babbage conceived the "analytical engine" of the mechanical parts. The car was not only to calculate the table, but also to solve all problems faced by mathematicians and engineers. The machine had to do arithmetic; remember the initial data, intermediate data and results of calculations; remember instructions and commands, which must be carried out the tasks; give the results of calculations and consistently perform the commands that are given to the program calculations. Also perform all actions without human intervention, and depending on the stage on the particular result of the decision to choose the future path computation ... "Download Victor Pekelis. Stories about the "unnecessary" discoveries.
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