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Task №1.

a) Download all. Underline the correct version of the word:

scam - a scam, opeka- custody, the newborn - a newborn, the past year - expired year ended blood -istёkshy blood maneuvers - maneuvers Grenadiers - grenadier, existence - beingness, the point - spearhead, the same name - the same name, a bigamist - dvoezhёnets, useless - worthless, gall - bile, perch - perch, millstone - millstone, life - zhitiё.

b). Put the accent in words.

Hyphen, form, marketing, college, cheer, beets, newborn department, frequenter, ease, leisure, heretic thinking, compromise, a pseudonym.

Task 2.

a) Fill in the proposals, opening the brackets and put the nouns in the right case.

According to (the charter of the University, the president's decree, my plan) ... ..

Due to (help and support of compatriots favorable financial position, taking care of loved ones, their own effort) ... ..

Contrary to the (expectation prevailing course of things, the recommendations of experts, the desire of the workers, it) ... ..

Contrary to the (common sense, mother's desire, expectations, circumstances, difficulties) ......

By (returning from abroad, coming to another camp, graduation, the arrival on the ship) ... ..

Towards the (workers' wishes, the winners of the Olympic Games, the difficulty) ... ..

Between (trees, round tables, they are tall buildings) ... ..

Like (cowardly rabbit, he, the wicked witch, a huge mountain) ....

With (fair weather conditions, carrying out search operations, subject to availability) ....

b) Open parentheses, write the names of the words numerals indicated figures, forming the shape of the instrumental case (sample: 16 - sixteen)

576; 497; 458; 7359; 496; 635; 577; 713; 894; 26;

719 minutes; 1964 minutes; th; 700 th, 29 th, 2336 th; 11 minutes; 52 minutes; 103rd; 200th; 120 minutes;

3; 2


Task 3.

a) Locate and correct lexical mistakes in the following sentences (from materials of the press, radio and television):

1. This wonderful teapot will receive the first one to get through to the studio.

2. When in the beginning of the century in the West, there were slot machines, a lot of people sick greed, pull the handle during the day and at night.

3. Allow your attention to provide the following statement.

4. Larissa very communicative, Dear Comrade.

5. It's nice to know that there is still a risk people in the world.

6. This predatory deforestation led to the formation of gullies.

7. In this way, in just three weeks, he wrote his first directorial debut.

8. I gave a message in a newspaper about the free vacancies.

9. On the night of December 24, followed by a response counter-attack fighters.

10. The fashion for large orchestra was extremely popular at the time.

b) Watch for his oral speech, the speech of their friends, politicians, television journalists, artists, etc. Based on your observations write small 1-1.5-page essay on one of the arguments proposed by the state of the modern Russian language, its purity, wealth, expressiveness, relevance, what changes and what factors influenced occur in modern in Russian. The text must be illustrated with examples from your observations.

1. "Why officials say it is not clear?".

2. "O great and mighty Russian language!".

3. "Do we understand the language they speak?".

4. "Fashion for words."

5. "Do we need a culture of speech?"

6. "The words of a man - the measure of his mind" (proverb).

7. "My attitude to the word."

8. "My tongue - my friend!"

9. "Do I need a modern youth literary Russian language?"

10. "Illiteracy and its causes."

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