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How to odnostranichnik on Wordpress?

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Pattern WLPAGE - WordPress Landing Page.

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This task copes odnostranichnika the template for WordPress.

You will be able to fill your site pictures that sells graphics, video and audio materials in the usual mode of operation, that is the way you normally run your blog. You do not need knowledge of html.

Unlike plug-ins and services odnostranichnikov generation, cessation of work which leads to the fact that you can not see your page, the template for wordpress odnostranichnika integrated directly into your blog is just your property.

In this pattern odnostranichnika on wordpress (WordPress), are available absolutely all functions that are inherent to your blog.

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The cost of this template odnostranichnika available even novice Internet businesses, is only 349 rubles.

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03.12.2014 10:01:56
Спасибо большое! В видеоуроках всё наглядно и понятно объясняется. По-моему - идеальная программа для одностраничников, да и вообще для создания сайтов. Отдельное спасибо за Яндекс Директ от А до Я.