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1. Find the words that have the same derivational value:

Move, pilot, artist, unclear, cucumber, fly, trailer, poet, go, foot, pupil, red, lifeguard, meadow, fly, oak, puddle, smoker, cook, glass, run up, wool, weird, jack up, chatterbox.

2. Identify, meet, do these sentences and phrases errors in word formation. Explain why you specify a form is incorrect. Give the correct option.

1.Checheno-ingushenskaya border was closed.

2. Krugosvetochnaya regatta finally ended successfully.

3. Vzyatnichestvo typical of many officials.

4. The audience must have seen more game in this enchanting performance.

5. When the consumption of low-quality alcoholic potions probability of death increases dramatically.

6. Every person who is kind, which honestly, diligently, with love doing his job, chut little magician.

7. In the play, of course, is the logic, but it scares the audience his unassumingly.


According to Russian 1.K pick synonyms borrowing.

The scent, list, list, list, hostile, cheerful, fraud, slander and nonsense, correct, argue cavalier, cheeky, exaggerated, true.

2.Podberite Russian synonyms for the following loans:

Absurd, an avant-garde architect, didactic, ignore identical, an imitation of the incident, compensation, legal, minor, neutral notation, passive, present, proportion. Refined, restoration, trivial, fatal, ephemeral, exclusive.

3. Determine which of borrowed words can be replaced by Russian.

Deterministic, extraordinary, authoritarian, adequate, alliance ignored, image, innovation, legitimacy, pluralism, radical status, exclusive.

6. Edit the proposal by eliminating tautology.

1. Tea "Ballerina" normalize normal weight.

2. In New York, celebrated one of the most favorite holidays - Thanksgiving Day.

3. It is representative of this group.

4. You keep your car safe and sound.

5. The number of victims in the hundreds.

6. The militants have stepped up their activity.

7. All the closer station is approaching Earth.

8. Force them is still very strong.

9. As it turned out, it was a well-planned plan.

10. I try to formulate a formula for success.

11. The crew quickly deal with failure.

12. If there is a suspicion that if we are so persuaded, it is suspicious.

13. It is really a spiritual outlet.

14. Today in the republic for the first time started the championship in gymnastics.

15. Continuity weather service was interrupted only once - the civil war.

16. The weather, I want to believe reliable.

17. It is necessary to make a written statement.

18. The crisis is not confined to the borders of Palestine and Israel.

19. Children of the republic will be able from the national budget every year to visit at charity performances

20. One of the main causes of juvenile delinquency - the imperfection of methods of education in the family and school social factors.

7. Explain the difference in the meaning of the following words (paronyms).

The addressee - sender, weekday - everyday, every - in every way, the election - a selective, base - justification, special - especially the fact - factor problem - the problematic subscriber - subscription, logical - logical, to learn - to learn, immeasurable - disparate, natural - naturalistic, typical - typical, thrifty - economical - economic, diplomatic - diplomatic, evil - malicious, presentation - Providing a clear - distinct.

9. Find the following phrases and sentences lexical error, explain what they are.

1. Unlike our bumble bee Israeli inexhaustibly hard-working.
2. He has not changed his raisin ...

3. Young shoots ski ...

4. The organizers hope that the exhibition will soon be replenished with new old musical instruments.

5. won a landslide victory ...

6. Sudden game ...

7. Footballer his legendary left foot kicked the ball into the goal.

8. This leaves a good cake soul.

9. Under the wheels Chernomyrdin was the leader of the "Yabloko" Grigory Yavlinsky.

10. We would like to meet with the owner of "Chelsea" and find out how easy and death can buy a football club in England.

10. Find the obsolete words, define the type of obsolete words (archaisms and historicism). Specify which stylistic function is performed obsolete words.

1. Generally Taganrog fashion run with the actors. Many found ourselves short of their wives and daughters. (Chekhov)

2. But, my God, what a shame Kiev is deposited. (Pushkin).

3. I'm not quite rich enough to afford to write statements nice - but a gift I do not intend to be treated. (Pushkin).

4. Exactly clerk in orders grayer, calmly sees on the right and the guilty, listening to good and evil indifferently, not knowing neither pity nor anger. (Pushkin).

5. The hearing will take me across the great Russia, and call me every one who is in her tongue ...

6. And the pale brow sweat flowed in streams ... Frigid (Pushkin)

7. Fingers light, like a dream, he touched the apple of my ... And the sting mudryya snake mouth stilled my right hand, I put bloody. (Pushkin)

8. Love and fellowship before you reach through the gloomy gates. (Pushkin)

9. As long as the housekeeper told bedroom slave, which with the advent of the house was the butler is now called the valet, Gavrila took off dust coat, jacket, undid his tie and, groaning, began pulling off boots. Lord Swedes, is not it better this world than embarrassing battles? (AN Tolstoy)

10. Powerful neck of Commander bent under the weight of arhireyskogo pectoral cross. (Ilf and Petrov).

11. The carriage was designed for the transport of waste. On the box sat a brave old man with a fluffy white beard. If Vorobyaninov knew that the driver was none other than Count Alexey Bulanov, the famous hussar-hermit, he is likely to be called to the old man. (Ilf and Petrov).

12. Find the mistakes in the use of borrowing. Check the data and writing the borrowing dictionary. Explain why the borrowed word is used incorrectly. Correct the sentences.

1. Our system of government is based on a close symbiosis of state and business.

2. The consumer believes that his rights have been violated and will demand satisfaction.

3. Twelfth April shocked the world greatest Association. Man flew into space.

4. The head of one of narkokaroteley ....

5. Accumulative pension system in Russia - is nonsense, I want to say this we are not yet there.

6. "Boxing against Drugs" - under the aegis of this championship was held.

7. Citizens leave the countryside hacienda.


1. Pick up the maximum number of phraseology which would mean the following concepts.

Punish, beat, cheat, die fast, slow, lazy, close, far, smart, stupid.

2. Pick up the maximum possible number of phraseology with the following words:

Hand, heart, word, nose, tooth alive.

4.Obyasnite value phraseology.

Pyrrhic victory, pull the chestnuts out of the fire (or for someone); I put a good face on a bad game, a Solomonic decision; walk Firth, while it `smoking incense, a byword; Sisyphean task, megillah


1. Determine the kind of following words.

Rendezvous, the EEC (European Economic Community), Kalahari (desert), Rally, dealer, essays, glutton, Jungfrau (mountain), a coward, a UFO, the guanaco (an animal of a kind lamas)

hare, conflagration ax.

2. Identify which of the following names declined, and explain why.

Migulya, Gorelik, Karpenko, Kim, Shapov
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