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Examination (option 1)

Task 1. Place the emphasis in the words given below in accordance with the

Literary Standards using pronouncing dictionary.

Specify options, if any. Check what options are allowed in

Russian literary language and which are not recommended.

August, a scam, a barge, a hyphen, conspiracy, rubber kilometer, workshops,

medicines, millimeter, thinking, software, ground floor, mold,

funeral, funeral, rust, case, cheese, worsen, Excursions,


Task 2. From these words form a genitive

singular and put the emphasis:

Bow bandage emblem door rod cake nursery

Task 3. Form the genitive plural

Arrange the stress.

Province branch sheet area

Step sheet profit board

Chorus orphan cake port

Scarf bottom coal auction

4. Specify the offer of nouns and verbs Constitute

Communion. Arrange the stress. Sample Block - block -


Nationalization -

Privatization - Export -

Delegation - Copy

Premium - Seal -

Norma -

Task 5. Arrange the stress.

Deepen, facilitate, encourage.

Treaty, convening, security, concentration, intention, consolidation.

Unrestrained, gear, food, simultaneous, tiger, plum,

hospital, stamp, old, sparkling, coal,

miserable, Ukrainian, whacky, at exorbitant prices, impossibly, since ancient times,

masterful, bald.

Rob - robbed - robbed - robbed; understand - understand - ponyala- realized; begin

- I started - start - beginning; begin - began - begun -Start; give -

given; New - New - New - created; put - put her - put.

Take - taken; busy - busy; started - started - started.

Task 6. Combine words with hard consonants before E in the same group,

with a soft consonant to another.

Indexing, computer Academy, integration, museum, thesis, business, cream,

Barter, the producer, the term, the press, the trend of coffee, pressure, sandwich,

decade, the test, law, Odessa, manager, management, alternative, anesthesia, parcel, swimming pool, geyser, surveying, hypothesis,

grotesque, Dean, demagogue depot.

Task 7. Find and correct the spelling mistakes that

appeared due to the wrong pronunciation of words.

Unprecedented, Colour Options, porcupine, zhelantin, slipping,

podschechina, precedent, meticulous, incident to be compromised,

a competitive, buduyuschy, thirst.

Task 8. Select from these paronyms one that is needed in


1. Report (submitted, granted) in duplicate. 2. Girl

(Dressed, put) costume. 3. It (the executive,

performing) talent highly praised by critics. 4. (Critical,

critical) analysis of this study was not very critical,

Critical). 5. We do not understand why he did it, and did not consider it

action (logical, logical). 6. He used to work (methodically

methodically), clearly fulfilling all (methodical, systematic)

recommendations. 7. To my stay in this institution are

(Unbearable, intolerable), it has become for me (intolerable,

intolerant). 8. We must get together and (negotiate, negotiate) are

questions which were not (specified, negotiated) agreement. 9.

Please (to imagine) that provided me another vacation with the 3rd to 27th

inst. 10. I'm going to (imagine provide) a

work for the competition.
12. I looked at your (actual,

factual) material and find it not so (in fact, factual). 13.

He showed (hardware, master's) interest in solving

these (economic, owner) issues.

Setting 9.Opredelite which of the phrases were fixed

in the language and become valid and which are perceived as excessive and

do not meet the linguistic norm.

People's Democracy, a patriot of his homeland, exhibit,

print books, free vacancy, price list, People

folklore, an autobiography of life, a monument, marker

sizes, the reality, the period of time enormous machine,

Practice work mutually to each other, a souvenir, a private


Information message, evening serenade, traumatic

damage timekeeping time paltry fines colleague

profession, senior leader, interior, driving leitmotif

the demobilization of the army, an unusual phenomenon response counterattack,

progress forward, a strange paradox, the temporary time trouble.

Task 10. Fill in the end.

Drink a glass of cha cha .. .. Sort cha ..

Glass krepkogocha ..

Spoon sugar .. sugar production ..

Lots of snow .. snow .. Detention

Many people .. people .. History

The presence of the spirit and the spirit .. .. your order was not here

Succumbed to pressure steam .. couples ..

Bank of nail varnish .. Manufacturing ..

Task 11. Open brackets. Put the words into the desired shape.

1) (authoritative ...) The jury is headed by young designers (known

French) couturiers.

2) She (was ...) (wonderful ...) soprano, but she lost her delightful

voice when one tried to take (myself ...) (top ...) salt.

3) 701 (cooperative) (registered) in one of the largest areas

the city, but only 14% of them (to engage) in charity.

4) The first holders (institutions ...) Grand Prix became legendary

Designer Mikhail Kalashnikov and confectionery factory "Red

October ".

5) To everyone's surprise, the girl was ugly (new ...)

protege designer.

6) (Christmas ...) show (have) a great success.

7) In the VII century on the territory (now ...) formed Somali Arabic


8) UNESCO (send) a representative to the conference.

9) (English) Foreign Minister (right) telegram to the Ministry of Foreign

Affairs of Macedonia.

10) Youth (help) many children improve their health.

11) And now the floor is given (respect ...) ... Comrade Titov.

12) This year (our ...) (plots ...) physician I.P.Fadeeva (was ...)

(Awarded ...) medal.

13) One (one) of the dwellers of the rooming house, Nastia, soul seeks

to meet a man who would love her.

14) A growing number of Japanese restaurants serving (delicious ...) sushi.

Task 12. Choose the correct option at harmonizing the definition

nouns - homogeneous terms and nouns for two


Student (student) performance and discipline; Summer (Summer)

heat and heat; write interesting (interesting) novel or script;

young (young) radishes and onions; between the first and second floor

(Floor); Bulgarian and Macedonian language (s); in the right and left hand

(Hand); theoretical and practical style of the (style); State and cooperative ownership (property);

noun (noun) the first and second declension.

Task 13. Based on the examples from the media give an answer to

questions: whether fictional violated rules in the statements? If yes, then


* "Torpedo" Go to White Castle

* Hat-trick Mozyakina, disassembly

"Salavat" and "Ak Bars" another victory "Torpedo", and
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