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The game takes place in Iraq. The essence is simple - it´s a classic domination, where we are asked to hold / capture certain key points for some time. The main thing that distinguishes the game from her likes is the realism of what is happening. There are no usual crosses, "Halfbar", a counter of the number of cartridges in the store and the like. Instead of all this, here are thought over such aspects as: aiming through the front sight; change of fire regime; realistic defeat of soldiers from weapons (enough one bullet in the head or torso); accounting for the presence of a cartridge in the chamber during recharging; the possibility of using bipods from machine guns and a sniper rifle both on the ground and in the "sitting" position near the walls / barrels / fences, etc .; run; the ability to deviate to the sides for shooting from cover and much more. The realism of what is happening forces you to act accordingly: to run from cover to cover, once again not to protrude and not to yawn, at the risk of being shot by an opponent who has already noticed you, etc. It should be noted that here the pledge of victory is more than command cooperation.
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1. You need to download and install Steam http://steampowered.com/download/SteamInstall.msi (if not already installed)
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24.06.2018 20:31:00
Товар получил моментально после оплаты. Проблем и сложностей не возникло.
06.06.2018 2:50:29
03.06.2018 1:10:19
12.05.2018 18:18:08
Спасибо большое!Была не большая проблемка,но продавец все решил и я получил свой товар,который брал для друга!
10.05.2018 16:08:28
Большое спасибо! Рекомендую!
17.04.2018 3:16:08
Все отлично
23.02.2018 18:18:55
Спасибо большое за игру!Товар пришел моментально,рекомендую этого продавца!!
13.02.2018 4:33:58
08.02.2018 16:08:28
Топ продавец
04.02.2018 22:37:41
Отлично, всё пришло! Спасибо большое!!

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