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Flumbix - are macros Warface x16 & x27 since 2013 for Bloody and X7! Improved macros for Warface no recoil - ultra packs, soft, left buttom mouse macros for X7, maximum accuracy macros, burst fire for random recoil!
Macros only for Bloody and A4tech X7 with the internal memory for scripts *.mgn and *.amc! Macros Effects macros only for automatic weapons! For mouse Bloody requires a minimum of Bloody5 2015.06.16A and activated 3 core! Before you purchase macros specify the characteristics of your weapons in the game. Required reading before purchasing a macros carefully review all the information about the product! - video demonstration of the quality of the macros. The recoil are very random and recorded on video the best moments!
The game has many options of recoil, up to the point available only to SCAR-L PDW with a unique handle, any other weapon has a random pattern with different levels of spread, a parametric recoil includes an exact pattern, random spread and the absolute random in any direction!
Macros written for sensitivity in the game - 16.
May have to change in Windows in control panel -> Run "Mouse" -> Open the tab "pointer Options" -> Move -> Set "pointer Speed" in position 6 and be sure to uncheck the "Enable enhanced pointer precision".
Have questions - contact via messenger website.
Guides for installing and setting up macros
An explanation of the abbreviations:
x"digits" - is the magnification scope used in the macro
LKM - a macro to the Left Mouse Button
ARC - automatic right-click the mouse
BurstFire - shooting cut offs
SOFT - script on the technology of reducing vibration - soft
PRO PVE - proclick
Hybrid - a hybrid macro - spray rolling in proclick
22.08.2016 20:47:51
Все нравится,уже не первая покупка.Спс за качественный макрос
15.10.2015 19:41:09
Вери гуд
13.02.2015 17:17:29
Отличные макросы)))) Всем советую