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This plugin allows you to display a three-level menu categories, sub-categories and podpodkategorii sidebar template. Conclusion categories and subcategories is made through ajax, thus reducing the load on the site. Initially, only the categories are displayed. If the user is on a page with the category or subcategory corresponding tab page is loaded automatically loaded and disclosed. Active Listings sub-allocated.

Categories consist of two tabs Companies and Products that allow the user to switch to the desired category, heading or podpodrubrike from any page catalog. This system saves time by finding it necessary Listings podpodkategorii goods and firms.

For maximum convenience, navigation and space-saving withdrawal is made in the form of an accordion. When you click on the arrow to open or close subcategories or podpodkategory, or other categories podpodkategorii automatically closed. This system allows the user to quickly find its subheading and podpodrubriku without reloading the page once again.

Next to each category, subcategory or podpodkategorii shows the number of firms they are. As in index companies, and products. Headings and subheadings podpodrubriki, not the content of the product or the company are not available to follow the link.

This module is adapted to modify the "Basic geolocation (;. In the presence of this modification Index displays the categories, subcategories and podpodkategory of companies based in the selected city, and also forms a link only if firms are present both in the categories and in the city.

If you have "Enhanced Catalog of goods and services (; Categories tab also displays the goods categories and podpodkategorii in which the goods are located and displays a number of goods Current Listings podpodkategorii. If no extension menu displays only categories of goods.

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