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In one arrangement for acoustic / classical guitar

In the archive you will find:

- Chip_n_dale_book.pdf (tablature all the tracks from the first part of the game Chip and Dale in the System (NES) for printing in book form A5)

- Howtoprint_RR.pdf (manual two-sided printing for books)

- Howtoprint_RR.txt (the same instructions for easy copying of page numbers)

Track List:

01. Title

02. Zone 0 (Backyard)

03. Zone A, C, E (Tree, Library, Garden)

04. Map

05. Zone B (Kitchen)

06. Zipper

07. Zone D (Toy Store)

08. Zone F, H, I (Toy Factory, Sewers, Fans)

09. Bonus Stage

10. Zone G (Casino)

11. Death

12. Zone J (Factory)

13. BOSS

14. Zone Clear

15. Game Over

16. Ending

Thumbnails of all the pages of the book, see the screenshot.

Notes in the book is not, but the tabs are created in GuitarPro, so it comprise duration.

In Tabah Set the speed at which sound tracks on the console, but a lot of things on the guitar sound better a little bit slower.

So do not try to play a metronome in the original :)

Enjoy the game!
As soon as any difficulty, just email me at title track and measure numbers, which do not know how to play - try to explain in detail as much as possible :)
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