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It´s incredibly convenient theme for the popular Penny auction engine WordPress.
Obvious advantages:
- First is the penny auction script for WordPress.
- The engine on so many simple that even people who have never used wordpress understand what´s what.
- This WordPress! So ease of promotion, transfer (engine originally English) and connect additional means of payment is guaranteed. Just install and enjoy.
- You can sell anything! From elephant (buy an elephant!) To information! Easy setup delivery methods already built.
- You do not need to worry about the design. The script is already on a beautiful design with a setting for comfortable and more enjoyable for you to color.
- Full control of all processes and detailed statistics.

And! Positive comments you get my help to configure and install the theme! - here it will look like your admin panel - like that will look your site

Leave your positive feedback and will help you to configure! If the review is on-the-very good, even help with the translation!
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