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The original Skype voucher of 10$ USD value to deposit accounts in any (!) Currency (USD, EUR, etc.) at website
By purchasing this product you get a voucher code. That is all you need to activate the voucher and depositing money into your Skype account.

To activate the voucher and deposit account:
1. Log into your account at
2. At the bottom of the page, click Redeem voucher (Redeem voucher)
3. Enter the voucher code
4. Approve terms and conditions and click "activate"
The funds will be credited to your account within 15 minutes.

Direct link to the activation page voucher:
Buying vouchers from us, you get a number of advantages:
1. Instant depositing - payment voucher you will instantly receive a code which you can immediately use;
2. With this voucher you can fill up any accounts opened in any currency - dollars, euros, etc .;
3. Voucher at any time can pass, sell, give to friends, acquaintances or simply other users Skype;

If you have problems with the introduction of the voucher (used, does not pass, etc.) before you leave negative feedback, please contact us - we will investigate the situation and will help you.

List of all our items and contact information can be found here:

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15.04.2019 11:28:17
Всё круто
09.04.2019 20:02:39
Отлично, работает
28.03.2019 10:57:41
25.02.2019 17:03:53
18.11.2018 11:41:38
redeemed with no problem. Thank you!
03.09.2018 1:36:06
fast service
21.08.2018 18:56:02
Пользуюсь таким в первые пополняю скуйп, всё гуд даволен
01.02.2018 17:14:55
This voucher is expired
21.01.2018 2:43:47
Voucher is expired please check fast
31.12.2017 22:19:49
Fast and reliable. Link to voucher activation gave me error as page not found, but you can easly fix it by going to your account -> redeem voucher =D

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