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Famous Serious Sam is back with his trademark tireless in this grand, bold and colorful sequel classic game Serious Sam: First Encounter and Second Encounter! Received the task to save the universe with the help of guns from the countless hordes of enemies, traveling in time, Serious Sam must fight to break through the impenetrable jungles, murky swamps, frozen tundra and the city of the future, to stop the Mental and his terrible army. Serious Sam 2 - a portion of adrenaline for fans of first-person shooters from around the world. Designed for serious people!

Crazy fights in arcade-style - not lifting your finger from the trigger, the flag of tear endless horde of bizarre enemies attacking Sam from all sides and from behind every corner.
Terrible creatures - armed against 45 kinds of militant enemies and fearsome bosses 7 from clowns with bombs and winding up of rhinos zombie exchange agents and loved by all headless kamikazes!
Picturesque surroundings - Go over forty beautiful extensive levels, scattered over seven unique location along the way to get help from local tribes fun.
Steep gun for mass destruction - Have fun with the classic arsenal plenty Sam, including the shotgun, six-barreled machine gun, rocket launcher, and a gun battle or stocks to new weapons, such as klodovik. Also, the first time you have the opportunity to press the alternate fire button to run a grenade into a crowd approaching monsters and see how the bad guys break blast to pieces!
Powerful turret and crazy trip - Use a strong stationary weapons to smash the ruthless enemies of the crowd and take part in breath disassembly sitting on fighting animals and the helm of powerful deadly vehicles.
Instructions for activating the game:
1. Log in to your Steam account in your browser.
2. Go to the gift link.
3. Accept the gift.
4. Add it to the Steam library.

01.04.2019 23:28:44
Всё пришло=) Хочу подарок)
24.09.2018 8:02:18
Гифт получил, спасибо.
02.05.2018 14:59:21
Все отлично. Играю с удовольствием. Хочу подарок =)))
11.05.2017 0:04:10
11.05.2017 0:04:04
все окей
11.05.2017 0:03:58
всё ок
11.05.2017 0:03:53
11.05.2017 0:03:50
11.05.2017 0:03:46
11.05.2017 0:03:38

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