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The Collapse Of The Soviet Union. What was it actually? What happened? The raft on which we relied, great and mighty, scattered out. In addition to the abroad, have any small foreign country. I, like many, was confused though, what´s next? Change anything, was not under force to anybody, the beginning of survival in the new environment, the business as a foothold to step into the future and many of the recommendations from the knoll, mark-UPS, resale, squabbles, quarrels, enmity. Business is war! It was said the most successful businessmen. The moral foundations of humanity were simply blown away by the wind, not nature, and foreign kinokamera worked closely with our consciousness, and the subconscious. Not so was simple and all this noisy stream audio and video, and real information, in our natural, chaste, quiet, almost inaudible whisper carried for centuries, and more than one generation, the pulse of a heartbeat. The truth is in wine, but in the perfection of its not enough...
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очень хорошая книга