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Coins (Coins) for the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team for a PC (personal computer).
We carry a range of suppliers, best price and fast delivery.
Ordering and Delivery COINS FIFA 16 Ultimate Team:
1. Pay for your purchase, in the upper right side of the page you can enter the number of coins (1K = 1000) or the amount of the purchase, after select the appropriate payment method for you and click on the buy button. Follow the instructions.
2. After the payment you need to contact our operator and you will be given the necessary instructions for the nomination player (s) on the transfer market.

ATTENTION! According to the game rules prohibited the purchase of game currency, or any other transaction for real money, in the case of sanctions by the administration of the game, we do not assume any responsibility for your team or for the money.
If you like our service, please leave a huge tip. To do this, go to to "My purchases", enter your e-mail provided during purchases and follow the instructions to get a list of the goods you bought. Select a product and leave feedback at the bottom of the page.
Udem greatly appreciate positive feedback!
By buying this product from us, you automatically receive a discount on all of our products (EvE Onine, Lineage 2, World of Warcraft, and many others.)
11.01.2017 4:48:23
Все очень быстро и классно!Рекомендую!
21.12.2016 16:52:33
всё приходит быстро спасибо !

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