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In the business world´s reluctance to learn is considered a mortal sin manager. And even the most time-consuming training can be turned into an interesting and fruitful activity if you use role-playing techniques that have long been used by psychologists to unload consciousness, resolve conflicts and improve the psychological climate in kollektive.Delovye game for people involved in the business, have now become a real necessity . They help update view of the situation, the train system vision, increase motivation, promote the search for extraordinary resolution problem.Maykl Hall, on the system of business games and neyrosemantike specialist, proposes to use the `splav` four psychotherapy techniques - neuro-linguistic programming, behavior therapy and emotions, reality therapy and speech therapy to improve the efficiency of business operations. The most prominent global business experts who have reached the heights of his career, have become highly professional players, and now and for all those for whom the main game of life - it is a business, the opportunity to learn the rules and all the intricacies of this exciting game!

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