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CBS (Control Set-assessment tools)
Vocational module
PM.03 "Filling vehicles with fuel
and lubricants "
STR specialty
23.01.03 Automechanika
Complete control and assessment tools for the professional module
PM.03 "Filling vehicles with fuel
and lubricants "
 It developed in accordance with the requirements of the federal state educational standards (GEF) on the specialty 23.01.03 SPO "Automechanika"
The result of the development of the professional module
 PM.03 "Refuelling vehicle fuel and lubricants"
 They are to be checked learner readiness to carry out the type of professional activity:
1. Technical maintenance and repair of motor transport.
To confirm this statement of formation of readiness required in the learning of professional competences that are part of the professional unit. General competences are formed during development PPSSZ as a whole, so as a result of the development of the professional module possible evaluation of positive dynamics of their formation.
The form of attestation of professional module is a test (qualification). The result of this examination is a unique solution, "a kind of professional activity mastered / not mastered."
The condition for admission to the examination is positive certification on the MPC (interim certification), the training practice (current and interim certification), the production practice (interim certification).
          Exam (qualification) includes the following forms:
 - Implementation of the competence - based comprehensive reference for the professional evaluation of the module as a whole;
The number of hours for the program PM.03 -242 hours.
Professional module program is implemented on 3 course.
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