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Time for the sea: the future of Tropico - on the coast! Curb the limitless potential of the sea, flooding the floating structures all the space around your island. Build in the sea completely new buildings designed for protection, food production and energy production, as well as entertainment and even residential complexes that have both their own advantages and disadvantages.
Organize and coordinate transport communications with floating facilities such as oyster and seaweed farms, build tidal power plants as an environmentally friendly alternative to nuclear energy, create stunning floating apartments if your island runs out of space. Launch military submarines to support your fleet or create an exotic bathysphere to attract tourists!
Addition Waterborne for the game Tropico 5 includes a variety of improvements and additions to the gameplay, including water traffic, huge coastal areas and new exciting events. A completely new campaign, which includes six epic scenarios, new dialogues and a story telling about the marine life in Tropico. Meet the favorite characters of Tropico and again enjoy unusual adventures, incredible rework and branded political humor.

• A new campaign, unfolding on 6 exciting missions
• 9 new floating structures and water vehicles
• 4 new island maps (also available in sandbox mode)
• 4 new music themes
• 2 new costumes for avatar
• 6 new accessories for the avatar
• New tasks and events for the sandbox mode

▂▃▅▇█Activation region█▇▅▃▂
Suitable for any region.

▂▃▅▇█ How to activate?█▇▅▃▂
- Download and install Steam -
- Register your Steam account
- Go to the """"Games"""" and select """"Activate via Steam""""
- Enter the activation key
- After that, the game will appear in the list and you can download it

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09.03.2019 17:56:24
Купила две копии, рекомендую!
09.03.2019 17:48:09
Ключ действительно без привязки к региону, большое спасибо, куплю ещё.
08.03.2019 19:52:58
Все активировалось, стоит в 10 раз дешевле чем в стиме!
08.03.2019 12:46:49
с ключом всё ок
05.09.2018 10:56:39
Спасибо, ключ пришел сразу.
05.09.2018 1:09:27
Все отлично. Хочу подарок
04.09.2018 22:29:16
все ок спс. хочу подарок
16.04.2018 21:40:39
Все отлично! Не откажусь от подарка.

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