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<span class="demo">Demo - for OSclass

- A fast and user-friendly design
- Minimum js
- Convenient search
- Convenient choice of cities
- Simple and convenient design
- Language support (Arabic, English, Spanish, French, Hungarian,
Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Russian)

Settings from the admin panel
- The ability to change the colors of the main blocks on all pages
- Ability to turn on and off premium ads on the main
- Ability to set number of premium units on the main in search
- Change of icons for categories
- Configuring links for social networks

Oslcass 3.5.0 - to the latest

Free plugins specifically for this topic can be found in the archive with the theme.
- plugin favorites
- similar plugin
- photo profile plugin
21.10.2017 13:08:28
Продавец очень отзывчив , после покупки продукт сразу доступен и соответствует всем критериям.
22.08.2017 15:18:05
Все хорошо, отличный продавец! Помогает в настройке и установке!