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Adguard for Android 1 device 1 year
In case you have reinstalled the operating system, reset the device to the factory settings or just want to use the program on another device, it is enough to reset the key before re-activating it.

To do this, please log in to your account. The AdGuard account is already registered to the email address you used when purchasing, we sent a letter about the automatic registration of your personal account with a link to its activation. If you have not received such a letter or forgot your password, we recommend resetting the password.

In your account you will immediately see a list of license keys and their current status. In order to reset the activation, click on the key, after which a list of devices to which it is associated will open. Click "Reset" as shown in the picture. After completing this procedure, you can re-activate AdGuard key.

Please note that the "Untie" button unties the key from the cabinet, and not from the device. This button should be used only after memorizing or saving the key.
10.08.2019 22:02:20
Отличный продавец, быстрая доставка, всем рекомендую
10.08.2019 11:38:01
Все четко и быстро. Надежный продавец. Спасибо
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21.05.2019 18:22:09
Активация на 363 дня. Спасибо.
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Все отлично!
20.02.2019 20:02:39
Всё гуд. Активировал на год.
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Vse OK
04.01.2019 6:03:37
Все отлично