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This manual is augmented and revised edition of the electronic book "Russian spelling is easy! Educational and reference manual »(web-kniga, 2018).
The "Manual" is intended for teaching Russian spelling of bilingual children who speak Russian and English and have training in the scope of the program of the 3rd and 4th grades of the Russian school. Teachers of Russian schools in English-speaking countries can use the "Manual" as a systematized course and spelling guide for pupils of 3-6 grades. "Benefit" will be useful for parents of pupils for domestic lessons. The book can be used by bilingual high school students and English-speaking students with a basic and higher level of Russian language skills for teaching (self-teaching) spelling.
"Benefit" has an exclusively practical purpose: teaching literate writing. In the main text, the formal grammar is represented by that necessary minimum, without which the spelling rules would become incomprehensible or inapplicable. Actually the grammatical material in a large part of it is derived from the main text in the section "Grammatical Applications". There is also a list of used Russian grammatical terms translated into English.
To facilitate students´ understanding and assimilation of Russian grammar, its laws, categories and rules are consistently compared with similar English language phenomena.
In the "Guide" all orfograms from the programs of the 4th-6th grades of the Russian school are considered. Most spelling rules of school textbooks have been revised and set out in a new edition. The rules are substantially simplified and written in the light of the bilingualism of the students. The main attention is paid to high-frequency orthograms. The rules are accompanied by instructions on how to use them in written practice (algorithms), which consist of simple one-, two-, rarely three-step operations.
In each thematic section, following the rules and algorithms, there are exercises and dictations of varying complexity. The dictation texts are lexically and stylistically simplified.
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Thanks to Gennadiy for wonderful material for our students !!
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