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Buying goods you immediately get the key to the game Thief for XBOX ONE, for all regions, without restrictions

Professional thief Garrett emerges from the shadows into the City. In this dangerous place, where the Baron´s Clock spreads waves of fear and suppression, the hero can rely only on his own strengths and abilities. Even the most cautious citizens and their securely protected possessions are not immune from the intrusion of an uninvited guest.

When the uprising rises, Garrett discovers himself embroiled in a conflict. Under the leadership of Orion, the voice of the people, the inhabitants of the City are ready to do anything to wrest the City out of the Baron´s tenacious grasp. Revolution is inevitable. If Garrett does not interfere, then the streets of the City will flow rivers of blood.

To redeem the code on the Xbox Website:

Click on the ´Redeem now from´ link found on the Thank You page, in Your Game and Software Library, or Confirmation email.
Sign in with your Xbox account if prompted.
Confirm your redemption by clicking on the ´Confirm´ button.

To redeem the code on the Xbox Console:

Sign in to your Xbox LIVE account.
Press the silver/green Xbox Guide Button on the controller.
Navigate to Games & Apps tab.
Select Redeem Code & enter code.
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