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You buy the Steam Key Project CARS 2

Description Project CARS 2

FEATURES: • 180+ elite- brand race & road cars • Full 12K & VR Support• Tested & tuned by pro drivers & gamers for true-to-life handling • Real-world-derived career progression• All-new motorsports (IndyCar, Oval Racing, rallycross) join old favorites incl. GT3• Dynamic surface & weather physics affect vehicle performance & handling in real-time • New loose surface racing (ice, dirt, mud)• Full 24-hour cycle with real-time atmospheric conditions & seasonal ambience• Accessible gamepad handling & wide-ranging wheel support• Class-leading Esport capabilities incl. Online Championships Available for Arcades on SpringboardVR
24.10.2018 18:38:22
Я первый покупатель, спасибо активировал.

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