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Promotion Frontline 2019
We provide the possibility of passing the front line, you can take part in large-scale battles involving armored vehicles!
With the beginning of the game event "Frontline 2019", the pursuit of fame and awards starts, among which there is a unique prize technique!

Terms and conditions
Timing and order fulfillment. Guaranteed deadline and receipt of 30 levels of the front you from 1-2 days from the date of purchase. (probably earlier)
After completing the order, you will be given a full report on the order, as a picture and replays.

The ideal technique for the simultaneous pharma of front-line experience and silver:
Prem-tank - IS3 with M3
Prem Tank - Scorpion G
Prem Tank - Progetto M35 mod46
Prem Tank - Centurion Mk. 5/1 RAAC
Prem Tank - Primo Victoria
Prem Tank - Lorraine 40 t

Awards and price
For all 30 levels of the Front Line, you will receive the following rewards:
1,830,000 silver
2 5 reserves for silver and 5 reserves for combat experience
2 7 handheld extinguishers; 7 repair kits; 7 small first aid kits
4 7 automatic fire extinguishers; 7 large repair kits; 7 large first aid kits
5 Shelter in place x15
6 Boom fire extinguisher x15
7 Concentration on goal x15

All other questions about the action you can ask us online chat.
Required condition:
In order to buy for yourself the 2019 Front Line Promotion and all bonuses, you need to contact us to discuss the condition, then pay the order and send us a unique code + login and password from the game.
Also, when buying, you must be an active player, do not have restrictions imposed (do not be in the bath).
15.05.2019 9:36:09
Очень быстрая работа. Продавец всегда на связи. Рекомендую
24.12.2018 12:47:42
Танк получил. Продавец честный и ответственный, постоянно на связи. Всем рекомендую!

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