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In the distant alternate future you will become Morgan Yu and be far outside the Earth, in the ultra-modern research center "Tolosa I». As a result of questionable experiments, you have acquired a very unusual ability alien nature - and this is very handy, because you are already in mortal danger. Prepare to repel frightening enemy captured space station.

- On board "Tolosa I» the complex all is not what it seems. Playing for Morgan S, you have to look for clues that you left for ourselves, and try to uncover the secrets of the station and its own past.
- Floating on the Moon´s orbit station - the top achievements of the private space business, a single ecosystem in which everything is interconnected. Each room is "Tolosa I» is available to you from the beginning ... of course, if you find a way to get into it.
- Elusive alien creature captured "Tolosa I», operate with only one purpose - to destroy the victim. Are you one of the last survivors on board the station, and now only depends on you whether tomorrow will come.
- Conquer the alien superpower - to develop the necessary combination of abilities and enhance your new skills. Use drawings, apparatus and instruments found on board the station, and create useful items for survival.


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17.07.2019 16:42:00
Все гуд) спасибо
09.07.2019 16:43:39
Все ок.
08.07.2019 2:10:45
Спасибо, все ок
03.07.2019 19:31:28
Спасибо, активировал!
30.06.2019 16:14:59
Спасибо, успешно активировал!
03.05.2019 8:28:05
Быстро, как всегда.
27.03.2019 15:35:31
Отличная игра!
26.03.2019 16:52:05
Оплата прошла быстро, код получил мгновенно. Спасибо за неожиданно низкие цены)
22.03.2019 1:04:47
до сих пор не понимаю как это работает и почему здесь так все дешево, но факт остается фактом - игра появляется в Стиме и все работает...
16.03.2019 15:50:13
Вау, спасибо, пришло мгновенно

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