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In a difficult moment, at the time of political unrest and confusion, the people call upon wise leaders who will lead the country with confidence to a bright future. Become a formidable dictator or peace-loving servant of the people in the island state of Tropico and march through four different epochs with your fellow citizens. You are waiting for new challenges in the international arena, but do not forget about your own people.
- For the first time in the series: huge archipelagoes! Manage multiple islands at once and respond to new challenges.
- Send your agents abroad to hunt for the wonders of the world - it´s time to expand your collection.
- Build bridges and tunnels, transport citizens and tourists by taxi, buses and cable cars. In Tropico 6 you are waiting for completely new opportunities in the field of transport and infrastructure.
- Decorate and rebuild your palace, choosing from a variety of materials.
- For Tropico 6 redesigned research system. Now the political side of hard dictatorial life is in the spotlight.
Election speech again with us! Speak to the people and give out impossible promises.
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