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•The validity of the promo codes: 23:59 22.07.2019 g. Moscow time.

Coupon use rule:
* To receive the discount, you must enter the promotional code when placing an order on the website or present it in a retail store.
* Partial use of the nominal value of the promotional code is not possible, the promotional code can only be used in full.
•You can only apply one promo code per check. The promo code is applied to the amount of the check.

Discount on the promotional code applies to all categories of products sold in "M. Video", except:

* Goods from the stop list (;
* Brands: iRobot, Apple, Bork, Jura, Dyson, Miele, Smeg, WMF, Thomas, NTV+;
* Group " computer Components»;
* Television and speaker cables;
* Network equipment (modems, adapters, routers, network cards, switches, routers, receivers, repeaters, access points);
* Information storage devices (memory cards, flash drives, external hard drives, internal HDD, USB cases);
* Video games for: Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo Switch / PS3 / PS4 / Xbox 360 / Xbox One;
* Nintendo Switch / PS4 / Xbox one game console accessories;
* Game controls for consoles;
• Nintendo / PS4 / Xbox One game consoles;
* Flexible value gift cards;
* Promotional equipment sets;
* Insurance services, delivery, installation and configuration of equipment;
• Digital code;
* Payments through Rapid system»;
* Contracts of Internet and mobile operators;
* Goods purchased on credit under any credit program.
17.07.2019 17:39:34
Спасибо. Промокоды рабочие
13.07.2019 12:54:38
01.07.2019 16:12:04
Промокод сработал, всё отлично
17.06.2019 19:07:42
Промокод прошел, все хорошо
14.06.2019 20:56:56
Промокод сработал, рекомендую!
10.06.2019 10:52:22
все хорошо!
09.06.2019 17:38:10
Еще раз приобрел, все норм
09.06.2019 17:06:56
09.06.2019 15:03:32
Все отлично - сразу активировал, все работает!
09.06.2019 11:31:37
Все гуд, спасибо

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