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attentionPromocode gives a discount in the MVideo store ( for the amount of 5000r per item (check) from 49990r and above .. You can buy the online store mvideo and at the checkout box dictate the promotional code to the cashier.
Valid until 05.08, 2019 local time.
All products in one list at a price ascending to add up to the check amount
For 1 check you can only apply 1 promo code.
The code will not work on goods from the stop sheet: as well as products with the final price.
The code will not work if a gift is included in your set and is automatically added to the basket. You can remove the gift, then the code will work.

Rule coupon use:
1. Check if there is a product of your choice in the stop list of Mvideo: Coupons can not be applied to products from the stop list.
2. The coupon does not work when combined with the promotion “5% discount for online payment” or when applying bonus rubles.
3. After the transition to the last payment step (after all confirmations), the coupon is used. And if you do not pay for the goods, you can return the coupon only through the support of Mvideo by calling the hotline, since the coupon will be considered applied.
If you encounter a problem, write, I will definitely help you. </ Attention>
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