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You buy the official Doom VFR key, which you receive immediately after the payment in the window that opens, as well as a link to the page with the key that comes to your E-Mail specified after the payment.

ATTENTION! The game requires a virtual reality helmet.

Language: Russian, English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Polish, Japanese, Chinese
Platform: PC
Activation: Steam
Region of activation: Russia, Ukraine and CIS

This adventure in the universe DOOM, created for the PlayStation VR and VIVE, will send you into the hell of virtual battles. DOOM VFR game developed by id Software, which laid the foundations of the militants with a first-person view and modern virtual reality devices. It brings the dynamic, brutal fights that fans of the series love so much into virtual reality. You will visit the UAC Martian base and in the depths of hell. You are waiting for the harsh battle and challenging puzzles. Play as a cyber brigade activated by the KLA to fight against the invasion of demons, restore order and prevent the destruction of the base on Mars. Destroy crowds of demons, exploring the incredible world of DOOM from a completely new perspective.

The game takes place shortly after the start of the demonic invasion of the UAC laboratory on Mars. You were the last known surviving man in the base ... but you died. Using a top-secret emergency procedure, the KLA has moved your consciousness into an artificial brain matrix. Your new task: to restore the operating stability of the base and by all means stop the invasion of demons.

- Take a look at the battles, famous weapons and demons DOOM from a completely new perspective
- Interact with the universe DOOM, traveling around the base of the KLA and hell, using teleportation and jumping with a jetpack.
- Discover the hitherto unseen zones of the UAC Martian base and use the unique abilities of the UAC security cyber agent

Instructions on how to activate the key on Steam:

1. Download and install Steam register an account on Steam.
2. Click "Add Game - Activate via Steam" and follow the instructions. After activation, the game will appear in the list of games and you can download it.
3. Download and after full installation, start and play.
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