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Instant delivery, without any expectations, without painful additions to friends.
After payment, you instantly receive a unique link (Steam gift) for activation in Steam Garry´s Mod </ attention>How to start playing steam Garry´s Mod?
1. Download and install Steam.
2. Register a new account on Steam or enter an existing one.
3. Follow the link received after payment. Click to open the gift and add it to the library.
4. After activation, Garry´s Mod will appear in the list of games and you can download it from the official Steam servers./attentionPlatform: PC
Activation of the game: in the steam
Game Modes: Multiplayer, single.
The game is activated by Russia + CIS (RUS + CIS)
After purchase, you get the latest version of Garrys Mod 13.

Garrys Mod is very easy you will not need to get a bunch of stores in search of a game or wait for delivery 2-3 days. To purchase this product Garrys Mod 13 you have to pay for the purchase of 15 one way instant payment, download the game from the official servers steam and start playing. Our shop accepts: Webmoney, Qiwi, Yandex Money, cash through payment terminals, WM-card, Деньги@Mail.Ru, Mobile operators MTS and Megafon, Wallet, RBK Money, CONTACT, Easy Pay, TeleMoney and others.
Garrys Mod (from Eng. Maud Harry) - mod Half-Life 2 with a single and multiplayer game. This mod was created to demonstrate the broad capabilities of the engine Source, which restricts the freedom of the players only by their imagination.
With Garrys Mod can carry out any operation needed with objects and characters from Half-Life 2 and Counter-Strike: Source, for example, change the texture, resize, copy, merge, blow up, tie the wheel to change facial expressions of characters, etc. Modification player is huge scope for creativity.
Also, fashion is more than one network modes of play: the game of football with gravipushki, shooting laser hunting of birds (some players are playing for hunters, others - for the birds), the race for watermelons, etc.

Garry´s Mod
Garrys Mod
Garry Mod

Гаррис Мод
Гарри´с мод
гарри мод
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