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The book describes 100 great treasures existed (and existing) in the history of mankind.

It is a plain text file on the 458 pages in the archive RAR.


The history of mankind is so amazing and diverse that

each of its attraction shakes our consciousness. Any

precious object has a very interesting fate, sometimes mysterious and enigmatic. The history of each item, its "life" in different circumstances, its historical and artistic value can tell a lot about the culture of the country where this thing

I created. And also about the culture of those countries with which its fate

It was linked to this.

Relentless time leaves behind, in the past, not only

historical events and phenomena, but also man-made history of mankind - the objects and things. Slipped into oblivion entire civilizations, many still hidden in the ground lost cities buried temples, forts disappeared. Under the sands of the desert

sleeping Buddhist monasteries and the ruins of Zoroastrian "towers

silence ", stone altars unknown tribes and ceramics

Olbia, gold and bronze Sogdiana and more. In recent

several decades of archaeological excavations that opened the

Sandy curtains and modern humanity was happy

accomplice disclosure ancient thrilling mysteries.

This book - not the first on this subject, and it is not about the brave

heroes who, having passed through many difficult trials and

the most incredible adventure, reach the goal. This is a story

Treasure themselves, which could make its "Red kniҐU" like the one which recorded the rare plants and animals. We share the view that the treasures and valuable treasures before

just not with gold, silver and emeralds and their huge historical significance, which is not comparable to the sums of money,

no matter how fabulous they are. The largest museums of the world

rightly proud of the masterpieces of ancient masters.

The excavation of ancient burial mounds and a treasure hunt are not carried away

Only scholars devote themselves to science, but also

Random people often greedy this passion and monarchs were exposed to the monks, princes and beggars, shrewd businessmen and

incorrigible romantics

Precious stones have been known to mankind for millennia, but still they continue to fascinate and its beauty and its unusual properties. The history of many

gems goes back to antiquity, it is not surprising,

that of precious stones were composed poetic tales and legends.

The man hid his (and often not their) wealth and heirlooms

on uninhabited islands and deep forests, high mountains and

deep underground, luxurious palaces and dilapidated hovels, in a specially arranged hiding places and accidentally caught at hand

Therefore, looking for treasures chairs everywhere: the gold of the Incas - in the mountains

Ecuador, pirate treasure - at the bottom of the seas and oceans, shrines

ancient Jews - on the shores of the Dead Sea, Gold Knights Templar -

in the old knight's castle.

For example, the scientists is precious scarab beetle, which in ancient Egypt, was worshiped as a deity; but sheathed dagger, covered with embossed patterns on thin threads

Greek myths of Hercules, or bronze plaques with the harness

warhorse ... coins, figurines, jewelry and other creations

human hands can shed light on the darkened page

stories, answer many questions or, on the contrary, make a

researchers new riddles and then begins a new search.

We wanted to create a book about treasures and sacred relics, which were created at different times on different continents, different peoples, because many works of art - the greatest rarity, there is nowhere else like it.

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