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This edition is a textbook for the course "Religion" and is designed for university students and pupils of secondary schools. The paper collected and systematized scientifically credible theoretical positions and the facts that form the basis of national religion.
Foreword 6

Introduction 7

Theme 1. The essential characteristics of religion 9

Theme 2. The emergence and development of the science of religion 15

Theme 3. The functions and role of religion in society 21

Theme 4. Religion as a historical and cultural phenomenon 28

Theme 5. The Elementary Forms of Religious Life 54

Theme 6. Religions of the first civilizations of Egypt, Mesopotamia, the Indus 69

Theme 7. Religions "classical" civilizations of the ancient world:

Theme 8. The national religion 92

Subject 9. World religions 109

Theme 10. Religion as a social phenomenon 158

Theme 11. Psychology of Religion 168

Theme 12. Religious philosophy 185

Theme 13. Secularization as a historical phenomenon 198

Theme 14. Religion in the modern world 212

Theme 15. Religion in Russia 225

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