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This analysis of the facts, which are not formalized in the mathematical level and therefore are not recognized by official science, but, nevertheless, there is no reason they do not trust. And if you follow the course of the classification of the Munich Institute of Parapsychology to extrasensory perceptions are: Telepathy - mind-reading, action at a distance; radiesteziya - one of the names dowsing; psychometry - Telemetry (reading memory "dead" matter); Regression - memories of previous existences; clairvoyance - the perception of the events of the present time, the knowledge of the past, look to the future. This work is aimed at deep and comprehensive study of the nature and possibilities of application of established and verifiable extrasensory perception in dowsing and biopelengatsii. It is given as a practical guide and training on the identification and improvement of human capabilities beyond.
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