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School essay in the format MS Word 2003 (volume 2 pages in Word, 873 words), writing by myself in 2003 and first published in the Internet May 21, 2010.

The following paragraph pevruyu works:
The novel "Hero of Our Time" is a staged representation of the human person as an example of a typical nobleman, the hero of the novel, Pechorin. Despite the fact that Grigory - an unusual person, according to many of the characters work, even strange, in this novel, Lermontov, he is a typical person with somewhat high intellectual level. Undoubtedly, every reader sees that our hero is smart, handsome and not poor. But, unfortunately, he is unhappy. This can be seen in all parts of the work. After reading each chapter of product it is becoming clearer. The more we read, the better understanding of Pechorin, to delve into the essence of his soul.
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